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Five Little Acorns Vintage Design

Garnet Hippy Dress

Garnet Hippy Dress

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What a wonderful moment to embrace the changing seasons! The rain clearing and the gentle breeze in Brisbane create the ideal setting to showcase your maxi dress. The fusion of summer style with autumn colors is a brilliant choice, capturing the essence of both seasons. Picture yourself in the flowing fabric, the hues echoing the warmth of autumn leaves.

Step outside and let the dress sway with the breeze, enjoying the unique charm that this transitional weather brings. Whether it's a casual stroll or a more formal affair, your choice of attire perfectly mirrors the dynamic beauty of nature during this time. Embrace the autumn vibes with style and grace!

  • Hippy is true to size for full ankle length.
  • Adjustable straps with a unique tie feature for comfort makes this a flexible style that can grow with your little one.
  • Features Maroon trim and straps. Lightweight cotton fabric, perfect for the warmer days. 

 Designed in Australia by FIVE LITTLE ACORNS 

Ethically HANDMADE in China with lots of LOVE

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